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This page shows what castles are activated and which guilds own them.

Castle ID Castle Guild
0 Neuschwanstein O M G
1 Hohenschwangau O M G
2 Nuenberg O M G
3 Wuerzburg O M G
4 Rothenburg O M G
5 Repherion O M G
6 Eeyolbriggar O M G
7 Yesnelph O M G
8 Bergel O M G
9 Mersetzdeitz O M G
10 Bright Arbor O M G
11 Scarlet Palace O M G
12 Holy Shadow O M G
13 Sacred Altar O M G
14 Bamboo Grove Hill O M G
15 Kriemhild Riot Redemption
16 Swanhild Buttwing Gameplay
17 Fadhgridh Sekadar Mengingatkan
18 Skoegul O M G
19 Gondul Impure
20 Novice Aldebaran O M G
21 Novice Geffen O M G
22 Novice Payon O M G
23 Novice Prontera O M G
24 Himinn PositiveMentalAttitude
25 Andlangr O M G
26 Viblainn PositiveMentalAttitude
27 Hljod Atelier
28 Skidbladnir PositiveMentalAttitude
29 Mardol PositiveMentalAttitude
30 Cyr Sekadar Mengingatkan
31 Horn PositiveMentalAttitude
32 Gefn O M G
33 Bandis PositiveMentalAttitude
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