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Terms of Service

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FOR CONTROL PANEL ADMINISTRATOR: You may add your server's ToS in this view file directly. The location of the view file is: /var/www/html/themes/default/service/tos.php

All these rules are subject to change and will be updated as needed.

Don't be a jerk. And always respect other players as well as admin.

Don't exploit bug, report the bug you found to admin.

Do not advertise other servers.

Do not use any kind of third-party or macro software. This includes auto-teleport scripts, auto-feeders, auto-farming scripts, etc.

Any kind of macro is prohibited. Some exception made for: Brewing, trade, vending, lotti.

Do not automate game-play. Automation as simple as holding a key down with a paperweight to spam Rolling Cutter while you're away from your computer, jamming a coin in your keyboard that has a turbo function.

Do not pretending using macro, you might get punish too.

Do not intentionally brag bravely when you are breaking the rules.

Do not open chat pub at the middle of maintown when the area already have disabled to create chat pub.

Do not farm while being AFK (this includes macros, using reflect gears, etc)

Do not spreading false rumors or create any unnecessary drama.

Account share / lending items to other players is at your own risk. Don't ask any guidance if turn out your shared / lending ID or items is missing due this activity.

Do not use word phrase like pensi / retired / quit or any word with same intention on vending or chat pub. Same rules applied to FB group and channel.

If you can't find your items because you forget where it was or because the items are dropped / refined / sold / enchanted unintentionaly, and it's your fault, don't ask for admin to search or recover it for you.

Punishment and conflict resolution is to be kept private between GM and the sanctioned player. Make it public WILL NOT make the punishment will be less.

RMT is at your own risk. No support given. Be a smart player.

If you got scam, you can give the scammers infos with detailed proof so the scammer name can be pinned at Wall of Shame at FB Group.

All player must have guild when WOE and the guild must have visible Emblem during WOE.

Any monster summoned from event / fishing area are considered as free for all.

Any chargeback on donations made via Paypal will result in a permanent ban.

Rules are not limited to what only written here. Just because it is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense, and be a smart player.

Use only acceptable guild emblem